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19 Musicians Who Have Written Children's Books

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Musicians have dabbled in many fields for a number of different reasons. You've seen them in movies and a few have tried their hand in fashion. What you may be a bit surprised to learn is that a number of your favorite singers have written children's books. Yes, you read correctly. Children's books. It may seem extremely unfashionable and even a bit lame, but hey, if you want to branch out and eventually build a younger follow, writing a kid's book  There are some people on this list who are obvious inclusions, you're probably going to be surprised at some of the names on here.

We took the list compiled by NME, and added a couple more items. You won't be surprised to see kid-friendly (at least now) artists like Paul McCartney, LL Cool J and Madonna on this list. But you may raise an eyebrow at seeing Amanda Palmer, Daniel Johnston and Keith Richards on here. Either way, these rock stars have managed to expand their brand into the children's market, which is genius.

What musicians have written children's books? Take a look at this list and you'll see the best of the lot. Upvote the books you like, and downvote the books that aren't so good.