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Musicians You Would Want To Take Home To Meet Your Parents

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While you definitely know of many musical artists you would take home to your bed, there's probably only a few you'd take home to your mom and dad. When it comes to sensitive spouses, Drake and J Cole most certainly would meet mom's standards. Meanwhile, dad will likely find common ground with guy's guys like Sam Hunt and Donald Glover. But honestly, who would hate you if you brought home the universally loved Chance the Rapper or Adele? There's much to consider, but as long as you describe your musical taste as "anything," then you definitely have yourself some options.

Even with all their fame and fortune, your favorite musicians and rock stars might not win your parents' approval. Would mom and dad mind that they rap about sleeping with multiple partners on a daily basis? Would they say something about a sex-tape scandal? Could they ever love you if you loved the lead singer of Nickelback? These are factors you must deeply consider, especially your attraction to Chad Kroeger.

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