Interesting Facts About Muslim Sex Lives & Beliefs  

Jacob Shelton
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To a lot of people, the Islamic religion is something of a mystery, and this goes double for Islamic sex beliefs. But as you’ll soon read, the private lives of Muslim people are not that different from those of people throughout the world. 

The Islamic religion is vast and varied, and practiced by millions of people on different continents, so it's not surprising that when it comes to Islam sex facts, there are some surprises and contradictions. Some beliefs (like the strong opposition to homosexuality) may seem shockingly conservative to many non-Muslims, while others (like the emphasis on female pleasure) sound very progressive.

Prepare to see a new side of a very old religion when you take a look at these surprising Muslim sex facts.
Homosexuality Can Be a Capital Offense
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Traditional Islamic belief considers male homosexual sex acts to be haram, or forbidden. However, the punishment for this sin varies widely, from mild censure to the death penalty, depending on the religious and cultural practices of the area.

Homosexuality is a capital offense in ten countries, including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, and Afghanistan; and punishable with fines or jail time in many other majority-Muslim nations.
No Sex During Earthquakes
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Or hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or other frightening natural disasters. Sex during these times of stress is considered makruh, or undesirable. 

Many clerics also teach to avoid sex at certain times of the day, month, or year, because any children conceived from that sex might be born with disabilities or other problems. Imam Saadiq even recommends against having sex on a boat.
Men May Have Four Wives, but No Threesomes
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Traditionally, Islam permits men to have up to four wives at once, provided he can support them all and gives them all equal time, attention, and resources. Many scholars believe that the Quran originally allowed for polygamy as a way to make sure that unattached women would be financially supported and cared for. However, polygamy is illegal in many majority-Muslim countries, including Turkey.

However, it is haram to have sex with more than one woman at the same time, or to have sex with one woman in view of another woman. Since each woman must get equal, individual attention, it is recommended men sleep with their wives on a rotating schedule.
If You Have Sex During Ramadan, You'll Have to Feed 60 People as Punishment
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Ramadan is a month-long act of fasting in order to redirect your heart away from the material world and back toward spirituality. During the day, there's no eating, no drinking, and definitely no sex during the month-long cleansing ritual. But at night, anything goes - just be sure to finish your romantic endeavors before sunrise.

And what if you slip up and engage in daytime sex during Ramadan? You must offer a kafaarah, or expiation. Your first choice is to free a slave, but if that's not possible, you can fast for two months or feed 60 poor people instead.