25 Oscar Categories That Need To Exist

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Vote up the categories you can't believe the Academy Awards doesn't already have.

Is there anything greater than millionaires in bespoke haute couture ensembles giving one another gold statues? Nope! That’s why, every year, people across the world smush their faces against a television screen to watch the Academy Awards. It’s not enough to spend cold, hard cash to watch famous people pretend not to be famous, we need to see them win awards for it. For some reason, despite changing tastes, there are some must-have Oscar categories that haven’t been integrated into the ceremony. Once again it seems like it’s up to the riff raff to designate the new Oscars the world needs. It’s the will of the people these new Academy Awards categories come to pass.

There are some Academy Awards you won't believe don't exist. There are no awards, for instance, for best casting, title creation, or trailer, even though all those things play huge parts in the process and enjoyment of a film. The first step in rectifying Oscar categories is figuring out exactly what needs to be recognized at the Academy Awards. Creatives, by their very nature, are incredibly needy people, and the Academy should keep them all happy by bestowing as many trophies on them as possible, be they a sad Affleck brother or the person plastering a dead man’s face onto a stand in with creepy CGI. 

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  • Best Ensemble Casting
    136 votes

    Best Ensemble Casting

  • Best Fight Choreography
    139 votes

    Best Fight Choreography

  • Funniest Movie of the Year
    69 votes

    Funniest Movie of the Year

  • Best Title Design
    119 votes

    Best Title Design

  • Best Scene Filmed In A Single Take
    107 votes

    Best Scene Filmed In A Single Take

  • Best Streaming Network Original Production
    96 votes

    Best Streaming Network Original Production