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The Top 25 Must-See Quintessential Animated Movies

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Kids grew up watching animated movies and there isn't an adult or child around who couldn't tell you their all-time favorites. Whether it was made through labor-intensive cell animation, people modeling small characters out of clay, or artists using computers for modern day computer generated action, animated movies have been a big part of our lives. However, maybe you want to broaden your animation knowledge beyond the realm of films you loved as a kid. There are some animated movies everyone should watch if they want to have a solid grasp on the genre. Which of the thousands released is the best of them all? 

If you're not an animation connoisseur, the list below features some animation for beginners. Only a scant few films can be considered to be the very best of such a wide reaching, diverse field. Some of the most popular animated movies easily top the charts as the greatest movies of all time and even the illustrious Academy of Motion Pictures began giving out Oscars for the Best Animated Film each year. This list is going to limit Disney a little bit - otherwise they would dominate the whole thing. You also won't find any anime here, simply because that genre deserves a list of its own!

The cartoons on this list comprise many of the most famous animated movies ever made. Watching them is essential for any fan of film!

If you're new to the genre, you can consider this list an intro to animated movies. Here, you will find all of the must-see animated movies. Check out the films below and give your favorites a thumbs up! 

Photo: Disney