The Top 25 Must-See Quintessential Romance Movies

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Ah, romantic movies! As sung in a song made famous by the quintessential romance film Casablanca, moonlight and love songs are never out of date. From generation to generation, romantic films are a consistent box office staple. True love, unrequited love, and star-crossed lovers can all be found in the essential romantic movies listed below. 

If you're new to the genre, consider this romance movies for beginners. These are the films that helped establish the conventions of the genre, presenting romance in the way we wish it could truly be, but often isn't. Many of these stories are idealized portrayals of romantic love, dotted with grand romantic gestures that most of us will never actually experience in real life. While you may never get that dramatic kiss in the rain or mad dash to the airport, you can always live vicariously through the likes of Humphrey Bogart and Rachel McAdams. Even if you're a cynic, these are films everyone should watch at least once. 

This list isn't going to throw anything too obvious your way. Everyone already knows the tragic tale of Romeo & Juliet, but that sort of play/film isn't appropriate given that its principal genre is tragedy, not romance. Here, you will find an intro to romance movies featuring some of the most popular and famous romance movies of all time. Give some of these must-see romance movies a watch and then vote your favorites to the top of the list!