The Top 25 Must-See Quintessential Thriller Movies

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Where would American cinema be without people like Alfred Hitchcock? Probably a lot less scared, but who wants to live in a world like that? Thrillers are a mix of adrenaline, suspense, and - most vital - contemplation on the human psyche. Anyone can scare someone, but making an audience think while they scream is an artistic acheivment. Only the truly essential thriller movies make us question all our preconceived notions about humanity while we try to solve a mystery or murder. If you're a fan of simultaneously philosophizing and wincing, these thriller movies for beginners will help! 

Some of the most famous thriller films out there include commentary on human nature and contemporary society. While these films proved popular to mainstream audiences, they're not your average Hollywood blockbusters filled with cheap ploys and clichés to spark an easy emotional reaction. These thrillers really delve deep. The charming and ever-quotable Hannibal Lecter makes us wonder if evil is born or made. Psycho's Norman Bates questions how responsbile an individual is for their wrongdoings when not in their right mind. American Psycho muses on how corporate greed and toxic masculinity impact American society. These are films everyone should watch, regardless of whether you're a fan of the morbid and macabre. 

If you're new to the genre, you can consider this list an intro to thriller movies. Check out these must-see thrillers below and then vote your favorites to the top of the list.