Must Watch: Awkward Celebrity Interviews You Can't Look Away From  

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Just imagine offending one of the biggest celebrities on the planet right to their face. Of course, a bit of research could help you avoid calamity. For example, here’s a quick primer on Samuel L. Jackson: he’s not Laurence Fishburne. He’s Samuel L. Jackson. If only KTLA reporter Sam Rubin had known that going into his interview with the star of such non-Laurence Fishburne films such as Pulp Fiction, Deep Blue Sea, and The Avengers. While trying to conduct a softball interview with Jackson promoting the RoboCop remake, Rubin confused the two actors and spent the rest of his time with Jackson barraged by insults you have to watch to truly understand.

If you ever get the chance to interview Robert Downey Jr., don’t ask about his history with drug and alcohol abuse because he’s going to flip out. Yes, it’s a part of his journey to becoming a global superstar, but it's not relevant to promoting an Avengers sequel. Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy found out the hard way when he stopped asking Downey about wearing a robot suit and started asking him about decades spent spiralling through serious addictions. If you manage to watch the full interview without covering your eyes, you get a gold star for the day.