WATCH Must Watch: Brutally Honest Things Albert Fish Said About The Kids He Murdered And Ate  

Tucker DeSaulnier

A self-professed sadist, rapist, killer, and cannibal, Albert Fish engaged in pretty much all forms of nefarious behavior. His own masochism caused him to inflict many an injury upon himself as well, with doctors finding multiple pins inserted near his rectum.

Over the course of his criminal "career," Fish claimed to have feasted on a child in every state. He often sent letters to the families of his victims, tormenting them by explicitly recounting his brutal crimes.

According to Fish, he once cut a man's member off, and subsequently left the man to die. At least he thought he died; Fish never actually knew what happened to that particular victim.

Even by the end of his life, Fish desired to disturb those around him. A final statement he wrote to his lawyers never saw the light of day, as those who read it felt it too vile to be released. That will remain a mystery, but Fish's thoughts on his victims is very much known.