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READ Must Watch: Fan Theories That Totally Change Disney Movies  

Mick Jacobs
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What's going on under the surface of the most family-friendly Disney movies? WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to see dark Disney theories that will change how you see old classics and new favorites.

As a child, you love Disney films for their wonderful imagination and memorable characters, but as an adult, you can become captivated the different conspiracies behind them. The rich lore Disney amassed over the years has lead to many creative and thought-provoking theories about your favorite childhood friends, some of which might even make great films in themselves. The same way Wicked revolutionized Oz, these Disney conspiracy theories may change everything you know about the Magic Kingdom.

See if believe any of the most wild yet plausible Disney theories in the video below.

What If Your Favorite Characters Are Related?

How exactly does Disney's Tarzan overlap with the world of Frozen? Well, there's a convincing theory positing that Tarzan's parents may also be the parents of Elsa and Anna. Thanks to their imaginatively detailed world, Disney, whether purposely or not, introduced enough elements from which fans can create their own fairytales. And the modern improvement upon the fairytale is the "crossover," allowing everyone's faves to come together into one big overlapping mega-storyline.

Some Theories Get Quite Dark

Despite the warm and fuzzy worlds of the Disney-verse, close examination can reveal darker subtexts. Obviously, Disney gears their films towards children, so nothing ever becomes too graphic or despondent. The studio also knows the guardians of their target audience need to be entertained as well. Many fans believe the darker subtexts people pick up on in Disney films may be intentional. While many turn to Finding Nemo for comfort, some viewers think the film stands for something more heartbreaking than heartwarming, as this video illuminates.