winter sports Dramatic Snowmobile Crash Caught On GoPro Camera  

Rebecca High

In 2011, snowmobiler Kris Kenni Støvlbæk attempted to set a record for snowmobiling up an incredibly steep mountain in Greenland, and he recorded it all, now seen in this video.

He sets off up the mountain and the camera strapped to his helmet kind of makes it feel like one of those old Ski-Doo video games as he barrels along, gaining altitude and encountering more and more narrow or rocky obstacles as he goes.

Suddenly, he sideswipes a wall of snow and tumbles off the snowmobile. The fall would be jarring enough, but what happens next will send your heart plummeting.

Støvlbæk starts sliding at terrifying speed down the mountain as the snowmobile hurtles toward him. The camera loses sight of the snowmobile for a while and at some point, Støvlbæk manages to stop falling; you can hear him breathing heavily. Suddenly the snowmobile catches up to him and sends them both careening back down the mountain. The resulting video is an absolutely harrowing must-watch!