old hollywood Judy Garland Was Brutally Exploited By Hollywood In The Most Shocking And Appalling Ways Imaginable  

Mick Jacobs

Garland endured countless indignities from her employers, and this video may shock you with just one example of the cruelties inflicted upon the star of The Wizard of Oz. Garland remains a beloved actress and figure from Hollywood's Golden Age; unfortunately, to maintain Garland's profitable "golden" image, MGM forced her into multiple abortions.

As controlling as your own mother may be to you, hopefully she's never plotted with your management company to force you into an abortion. Garland's mother, Ethel Marion Milne, colluded with MGM to arrange for her daughter's abortion. 

While she certainly thought she was doing a service to her image and career, Garland's mother simply acted as another cog in the machine that would ultimately push Garland over the edge.

It's a surprisingly common story of abuse in the studio system: all the attempts to preserve her longevity ended up ruining her own health. In addition to the two forced abortions she received before even reaching the age of 25, Garland received a variety of drugs, which the studio reasoned  would maintain her vitality as a performer and control her weight. She developed an addiction to barbiturates, which served as the cause of her death later down the line. 

If you can handle peeking behind the curtain at the horrible truth, then click to play the video below.