WATCH Must Watch: How Did The Minnesota Ice Woman Survive?  

Tucker DeSaulnier

According to the timeless ballad "Let It Go," the "cold never bothered" the ice queen of Frozen, and apparently it never bothered Jean Hilliard either. Or the cold only bothered her temporarily, as she endured a horrifying experience yet somehow emerged alive. This is a true story, but it's one so unbelievable that magical ice powers are as good an explanation as any other for how she managed to survive when a frosty fate should have doomed her. 

When her car stalled out in the middle of a winter storm, Hilliard's only real option was to trek to a nearby friend's house. She almost reached his front door when hypothermia completely took over, causing her to fall into the snow. She remained unconscious in freezing conditions for six hours. 

Upon finding her, Hilliard's friend took her to the hospital, where the staff feared the worst for the women, who was so cold needles failed to penetrate her skin. Doctors were perplexed to say the least. Put simply, no one knew quite how to handle her condition.

Even though the doctors were trained medical professionals, “human icicle” isn’t something with which any of the had dealt on an everyday basis. Hospital staff attempted myriad techniques to thaw the young woman. None seemed to work, yet by the grace of some higher power or human will, Hilliard woke up with all her faculties, mental and physical, intact. Was this simply a natural phenomenon or were eldritch forces at work? You decide.

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