WATCH Must Watch: Things Only Short Men Understand  

Mick Jacobs

If you aren't a smaller guy, chances are you don't realize the world works in a way which fails to suit their statures. Shopping for pants remains a nightmare and amusement parks fall short (lol, puns) of amusing when you can't take part in the actual amusement. What taller men consider shelves, shorter guys consider a cruel joke, so it's all a matter of shifting your perception to understand the plight of the smaller man. 

The greatness of being tall actually is a bit of a tall tale, especially if you take it from shorter guys. With a smaller stature, low-hanging objects and obstacles are merely decor for you, and God knows your experience in an airline seat is much more comfortable. Aside from the physical benefits, shorter height also guarantees a bit of doting affection from the taller crowd, and who doesn't love attention? When you're over six foot, you're on display for everybody, but when you're under 5'7", people have to seek you out.