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READ Have Your Mind Blown: It's A Supercut Of Tim Curry's Laugh  

Mick Jacobs
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You've seen Tim Curry in everything from an all-time cult classic musical to a Stephen King mega-adaptation to a '90s cash-grab sequel featuring a Donald Trump cameo. But have you ever really noticed his laugh? No, you haven't. WATCH THE SUPERCUT BELOW.

Hitting the fine timbre between amused supervillain and minor guttural retch, Tim Curry's laugh resounds as strongly as any famous movie quote. Not many laughs inspire menace and merriment at the same time, but Curry manages to instill qualities of both in every chuckle. It carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval, adept at embodying characters including fan-favorite transvestites, snooty hotel employees, unsavory pirates, nightmarish horror characters, and everything in between. 

What are you waiting for? Words can't possibly do the Curry cackle justice, so watch the video.

It's Hypnotic, Erotic, And Cathartic

As noted above, Curry's laugh is an aural Jack-of-all-trades that's also a master of more than one. When sensually hummed, his giggles drape his characters an air of pompousness and authority. But when hocked from the gut, it produces the sound of an evil madman who knows no limits when it comes to nefarious agendas. It takes many an actor years to perfect different personas, but Curry embodies a variety pack of characters using only his chortling amusement.

Snap, Cackle, Pop

Laughter is a quality everyone loves to experience, but your own laugh may not be as merry as you think it is. Nothing kills a truly hilarious joke like the laugh of someone who doesn't realize their laugh is a joke in an of itself. Even if it's fake, Curry's cackle still sounds natural yet distinctive every time he giggles. Take note from the master himself, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and try not to be the most annoying audience member at the next standup show you attend.