Who Was The MVP Of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is celebrated as one of the best animated television shows, giving birth to lots of memes - and more memes. With a strong TV show comes strong, fleshed-out characters with hopes, fears, strengths, and weaknesses. In the goal of defeating the Firelord, who would you rank as the MVP of the show?

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  • Uncle Iroh

    The Dragon of the East. The one and only Uncle Iroh should not be underestimated when he gives gentle wisdom for all members of Team Avatar over cups of tea. He is a formidable firebender, a powerful member of the White Lotus, and compassionate father figure to these young team members. He knows his time and place, and takes each step with wisdom.

  • Appa

    Appa is a no-complaining, no-nonsense kind of guy. He ALWAYS comes when Aang is calling and works his butt off to make sure Team Avatar gets to where they need to go. Not to mention his ceaseless loyalty and fierce strength. No doubt everyone missed him when he was kidnapped.

  • Toph Beifong

    Toph Beifong is the Melon Lord and the Blind Bandit. Besides her strong alternate identities, she also assumed position as Aang's "tough love" earthbending teacher. In fact, she taught Aang the seismic sense trick that helped him defeat the Firelord. She even saved that gigantic library from falling to the ground. But, of course, at the cost of losing Appa.

  • Zuko

    Zuko joined the good side the hard way- through a long and winded journey of self-discovery. He became the Avatar's firebending teacher, and eventually restored peace as a honorable Firelord. But no matter how much we might try to forget it, he once burned Toph's feet.

  • Sokka

    Before he even became a master swordsman, Sokka was the brains and humor that glues the team together. He also masterminded the strategies behind Day of the Black Sun as well as the day of Sozin's comet. He's a natural leader and gifted boomerang holder.

  • Aang

    Aang is the new Avatar from the Air Nation. He trained himself to fight Firelord Ozai and even came up with a non-violent way to defeat him. But some might say he was a fixing a problem he started by disappearing for 100 years? It's a good thing he fixed the problem.

  • Katara

    Katara is always fighting against the odds. As the only waterbender left from a ravaged tribe, she not only fought the patriarchy, but also the Princess of the Fire Nation. She's called one of the best waterbenders and healers for a reason. But didn't she almost waste the spirit water?

  • Suki

    Suki is the proud leader of the Kyoshi warriors, a team that has served Team Avatar on numerous occasions. She is not only a skilled non-bender, but she is also a compassionate and wise friend. She even helped Appa when he was at his lowest.

  • Momo


    Momo at first glance is just anothe rmouth to feed. Momo's crowning achievements have to be getting water for Katara and Sokka when they lay in bed sick (while also bringing loads and loads of treasure) as well as fighting that Fire Nation hawk. Who doesn't love that weird song that plays when Momo does something funny?

  • King Bumi

    King Bumi

    King Bumi has always been a wild card. He wouldn't teach Aang how to earthbend and chose to remain imprisoned. But things apparently worked out for the best as King Bumi always had the long play in mind. But he also almost killed Aang.

  • Gyatso

    Monk Gyastso single-handedly wiped out a Fire Nation army. As a leader of the Air Nomads and loving friend to Aang, he still proved himself to be a capable fighter to his last breath.

  • Princess Yue

    Princess Yue literally turned herself into the moon to save the Avatar and the Northern Water Tribe. To quote Sokka: "The Moon Spirit is a gentle, loving lady! She rules the sky with compassion and... lunar goodness!"

  • Ty Lee

    Ty Lee is a capable chi blocker. She consistently proved herself a fierce non-bender, all while remaining a positive personality to her friends. Standing up to Azula to protect Mai - and also let the Avatar get away - demonstrates her importance to the show. Though she was an annoying obstacle to Team Avatar.

  • Avatar Roku

    Avatar Roku proved himself to be a compassionate and loving friend to Sozin. He was a powerfully adept Avatar. His mistakes, though, were always passed down to Aang. Talk about someone who can't clean up their mistakes.

  • Master Piandao

    Master Piandao

    Master Piandao knows humility when he sees it. That's why he taught Sokka to be a master swordsman. He's also got a sense of humor and wise loyalty to the Avatar despite being in the Fire Nation. He's a critical member of the White Lotus and friend to the Avatar.

  • Mai

    Mai is a daughter of privilege, but truly a loving friend and compassionate fighter. Her brave stance against Azula helped the Avatar get away and threw a linchpin in the Fire Nation's plans. Wish she had joined Team Avatar instead.

  • Hakoda

    Hakoda is nothing if not dedicated. After found by Team Avatar, he makes sure to provide security, food, and shelter. He's a master strategist and an even better father for treating his kids with respect. But it isn't easy to forget that he left Katara and Sokka by themselves, robbing them of a father figure during their formative years.

  • Guru Pathik

    Guru Pathik

    Guru Pathik was an essential teacher at a critical time. He is not a fighter by any means, but a much-needed spiritual guide to the Avatar. But he drinks onion and banana juice.

  • Jeong Jeong

    Jeong Jeong

    Jeong Jeong is Aang's first firebending teacher. He imparts Aang with the knowledge of firebending's dangerous nature. He also reveals himself to be a member of the White Lotus, bringing the Fire Nation back in its place. Nevertheless, he taught Admiral Zhao firebending, a mistake even he was willing to admit.

  • Master Pakku

    Master Pakku taught Katara to be one of the best waterbenders in the world. He was a fierce member of the White Lotus and capable leader in crisis. Yet, he needs to work on overcoming his deep-rooted misogyny.

  • Huu


    When you call on Huu, you not only get a capable waterbender, but you also get this giant seaweed, swamp fighter. He's a wise protector of the swamplands. That being said, he should have known not to waterbend against an avatar.

  • Haru


    Haru is a brave earthbender, constantly coming to the aid of Team Avatar. He and Katara brought back his father from Earthbending prisons. His mustache, however, became wildly controversial.

  • Longshot

    Longshot is a skillfull sharpshooter and friend to Jet. He is a man of few words, but when Jet's life comes to a close, he proves he is a decisive leader and worthy friend. He is a friend to the Avatar that people can count on.

  • Smellerbee

    Smellerbee has always been a fierce fighter. She is also known to be a loyal friend to Jet no matter what. Her loyalty came at the cost of some morality, though.

  • Jet


    Jet is an innate leader with a passionate heart. He's been through a lot, and he was willing to turn things around to help those around him. His moral compass was a little wonky when he tried to kill those innocent people, though.