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These are the actors (male and female) who I've enjoyed the most in movies made this decade. This isn't quite the same as "favorite actors". For example, I like Angelina Jolie, but for the most part, I don't actually like her movies. To make this list, you've got to be in movies I like, and be part of the reason I like the movies.

It's also a bit of a wake up call formalizing this list. I'd have thought Kate Winslet would be on the list, but turns out, over recent years I've *meant* to see a lot more of her movies than I actually saw.
Johnny Depp is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list My Actors of the 00s
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Hands down the top actor around right now for me. Great talent, and great choice of movies.

Took what I thought would be a joke of a movie in Pirates of the Caribbean and made the most iconic performance I've seen in years out of it. see more on Johnny Depp
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Pretty amazing she rates so highly. An actor can have great talent and great taste, but if they don't have clout, it's not easy for them to climb on a list like this. But Maggie's managed to consistently be in movies I love, and often playing roles that absolutely stuck with me. Secretary and Stranger than Fiction stand out particularly. see more on Maggie Gyllenhaal
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Has been on possibly my two favorite TV shows of this decade (Daily Show and Office), and has done some great work in theaters. Most known for 40 Year Old Virgin which was great, but his performance in Little Miss Sunshine is my favorite. see more on Steve Carell
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Ferrell snuck up on me. I've seen more of his movies this decade than any other performer. Typically he'll provide a good enjoyable time, without what I'd call excellence, but he's still gotten up there some, particularly if you include his non-movie theater performances on SNL and online. see more on Will Ferrell