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READ My Favorite Burning Man 2009 Experiences  

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My tenth burning man since 1996. Still a fun time, hasn't lost its edge. I posted some of my videos below.

Flying in a plane with my campmates

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Thanks to Zoe and the fame of her creation - the "infamous" Pee Funnel Camp, she was able to get 4 no-lottery passes to ride on an airplane. I don't think too many people get to see the city from above at Burning Man, it is pretty lucky if you do. I've been going to Burning Man for 10 years and I've never been close to riding a plane until this year. It was AWESOME.

Pee Funnel Camp performs 'Plane Crash Survivors' on Thursday in Center Camp

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This was Hillarious. One of the best participation events I've seen at Burning Man in a long time, and I'm going to 'out' Pee Funnel Camp as the perpetrators of this fine act of cacophony.

11 passengers and 1 one pilot crash landed in the middle of the black rock desert during Burning Man. One passenger lost her head. RIP Atlanta's/Rick's/Buzz's/Fondle's wife.

This was a much needed break in the monotony that is center camp at Burning Man.

RIP Dan Kang

Infected Mushroom at the Opulent Temple on Thursday night

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This was the musical event of BM 2009 as far as I'm concerned. I heard people talking about it around town on Friday, confirming my appreciation for the spectacle that occurred the night before. The crowd was so amped up by this show. Was a lot of fun. Donation to the opulent Temple was made upon my return from Burning Man, had a great time there.

My Bike Basket Blinky

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Not many people spend every night until 4am for 2 weeks soldering before burning man. I typically do, and this year the result was a colorful animated lighted bike basket. I was supposed to cover the entire bike with lights, and I had all the gear to do it, but after Wednesday out on the playa I couldn't really work much more on it. there was a lot more soldering to do and I was supposed to be enjoying a 'vacation'. So only the bike basket was covered. It got a lot of attention riding around anyway, many compliments and photographs. The radio-controlled on-switch came in handy when trying to find my bike within a sea of thousands of bikes parked at every event. One button press and The Freak Selector(tm) switches on remotely and a swirling, blinding mass of LEDs calls out, 'Here I Am!'!