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This Girl Illustrates Life With Her Much Taller And Much Nerdier Boyfriend In 10+ Hilarious Comics

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My Giant Nerd Boyfriend graces the readers on Webtoon three times a week with a peak into the life of Malaysian based artist Fishball and her eponymous partner. While Fishball and her beau may not have met on a crazy niche dating website, the scenarios she illustrates in her comics seem oddly specific and all-too-relatable all at once. Her slice-of-life romance comedy comic is one of the highest rated on the site, with a 9.74 rating and over 3 million subscribers. The stories of Fishball and Giant Nerd Boyfriend may be short and sweet, but the honesty and sheer normalcy of the comics, much like Owlturd's day-to-day comics, are what makes the comic so relatable and enjoyable.

Fishball is not alone in celebrating the seemingly commonplace moments of a nerdy romance - Inkollo's comics about his nerdy relationship with his boyfriend celebrates the tiny moments of relationships in splendid fashion as well. Life may not be a shoujo manga, but there's still a lot of romance and excitement in the everyday, as she illustrates below.