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My Hero Academia Fans Share Their Personal Headcanons About The Series

My Hero Academia isn't over yet, but that doesn't stop fans from filling in the blanks and answering unanswered questions with their personal headcanons. Whether long or short, rooted in canon or totally far-fetched, these My Hero Academia headcanons show the fandom enjoying itself to the fullest.

Some theories are about the characters themselves, like the theory that Mina Ashido likes to play matchmaker with her classmates, or the idea that Izuku's dad might actually be a Nomu. Then there are theories about quirks, like the one that states that that Invisibility can see a different spectrum of light than the rest of the world, and can therefore see each other and themselves.

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    Mina Is Class 1-A's Matchmaker

    Mina Ashido is one of the most extroverted characters in the series, so it makes sense that she'd also involve herself in her classmate's love lives. u/CrystalBlade17 explains:

    "Mina is Class 1-A's resident matchmaker who's constantly trying to get people together. Whether it's asking two people separately if they want to hang out with her at a location and then last minute canceling so they're alone together or literally sitting two people down next to each other, she is there to support the love of everyone."

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    Quirk Discrimination Is A Problem In The Sports World

    We know how competitive games and fights go down in places like U.A., but what about in the sports world? Are people still wrestling or playing baseball? If so, how often do quirks impact the rules. According to u/gitagon6991, these sports are still happening, but some people aren't allowed to play.

    "Ordinary Sports have integrated quirks in the rules but there's still discrimination as some quirks are too powerful e.g. Gigantification quirks and others are too lethal: Muscular, Rappa hence these kind of guys are barred from normal sports as they could easily kill their opponents and have no other outlet other than underground fights."

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    Izuku Is Even More Of A Fanboy Than We Thought

    Izuku Midoriya loves All Might with the same passion that many anime fans display towards their favorite series. How do fans show their adoration? By talking about it on the Internet! According to u/rubbinsaltinmywound, Izuku gets aggressive about it. 

    "Deku runs a popular all might superfan page on MHA's version of Reddit, and actively gets into fights with people sh**ting on All Might."

    u/cuddlefish333 adds this detail:

    "I imagine even when he's a popular pro-hero himself he'll still be active on All Might and other hero fan pages, and people have no idea they're arguing with Deku."


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    Class 1-A Shares Cooking Duties

    With all the students living in dorms at U.A., it's a bit much to expect Lunch Rush to provide all of their meals on a daily basis! But u/ort9404 thinks that the kids can take care of it themselves.

    "Class 1-A students take turns to make dinner for everyone at the dorm, and every student has a favorite cook.

    Uraraka’s cooking is the best thing Deku has ever had."

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