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25 Amazing Pieces of 'My Hero Academia' Genderbend Fan Art

While we all know Izuku Midoriya as male and Ochako Uraraka as female, it can be fun to imagine what they'd be like as another sex or gender. Whether you just want to imagine the possibilities of seeing your favorite character in a new light or appreciate them as the gender you're attracted to, My Hero Academia genderbend art is a lot of fun.

Artists from all over the Internet have applied their talents to this concept, taking on everyone from popular characters like Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo to more obscure characters like Mashirao Ojiro and Kyoka Jirou. There's even a genderswapped Mineta!

Take a look at some awesome art, and vote up your favorites to show the artists' some well-deserved appreciation.