23 Fans Share Their Hot Takes About 'My Hero Academia'

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My Hero Academia is one the most popular anime series to date. It's interesting world of quirks, heroes, and villians sparks quite a number of opinions on what has happened in the story thus far - some of them being very hot.

Do you think My Hero Academia would've been better if Midoriya stayed quirkless? Or maybe you think All Might should've given Mirio OFA instead of Midoriya?

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    The Story Should've Taken Place Over Multiple School Years

    The Story Should've Taken Place Over Multiple School Years
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    From Redditor u/Cheesy117:

    I think MHA is hindered by the fact it takes place during one school year…we're finally at the final arc(s) and I still don’t really know much about half of 1-A besides surface level stuff. I really think if [the story] had two or even one year more to flesh out the rest of its cast, it would be a way better show. It’s also kinda weird because [the way] the show is paced [feels] like it doesn’t take place in just one year, so when you find out it’s kinda crazy.

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    Having A Large Cast Is A Perk

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    Bakugo Should've Suffered More Consequences

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    Bakugo's Early Appeal Doesn't Make Sense

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    Deku's Character Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

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    Heroines Are Aggressively Ignored

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