15 Major Spoilers From The 'My Hero Academia' Manga

My Hero Academia is an insanely popular series that is enjoyed by countless anime fans. But those who have read the manga are having a wildly different experience from those who are anime only. While the series isn't over yet, there are already plenty of shocking events that anime-only fans are going to have to wait for.

If you're an anime-only fan who can't resist spoiling themselves or a manga reader who needs a refresher, this list is for you. If you're trying to avoid My Hero Academia spoilers but found yourself clicking on this list by mistake, hit that back button and check out another list. 

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    Twice Dies

    Twice - also known as Jin Bubaigawara - is one of the more endearing members of the League Villains. That's because he isn't particularly invested in being evil - he's just loyal to the only group of people who ever gave him a place to belong. After Hawks reveals that he joined the League of Villains, he ends up literally stabbing him in the back. He uses his last moments to make a clone to protect Toga and Mr. Compress, showing his loyalty until the very end. Though he is a villain, it's hard not to get choked up about his demise, especially because of how sad he is about Hawks' betrayal. 

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    Dabi Is Shoto's Brother

    The series has been dropping hints for a while now, but the manga finally confirmed what many fans suspected - Dabi is Shoto's oldest brother, Toya Todoroki. 

    As a kid, Toya wanted desperately to win his father's approval. At first, Endeavor was proud of his son's quirk, which produced flames much hotter than his own. But it soon became clear that Toya's body couldn't handle the heat, so Endeavor tried to put a stop to his training. The problem was that he didn't give him anything to replace that time they spent together - he simply ignored him. Understandably, Toya concluded that the only way to please Endeavor was to be strong, so he kept training anyway. 

    One day, this resulted in a massive explosion that nearly destroyed his body. His family assumed that he'd passed away…but he survived and recovered from his injuries. Well, sort of. He has extensive nerve damage and his body is falling apart. He absolutely hates Endeavor, and is willing to destroy anyone or anything that gets in the way of his pursuit of revenge. 

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    The Traitor Is Revealed

    After much anticipation and speculation, the U.A. Traitor has finally been revealed. It turns out that it's Yuga Aoyama, the boy who can't stop twinkling. 

    It's not that Yuga is evil - he isn't. Because he was born without a quirk, his parents were worried about his future. At a young age, he was already beginning to suffer from discrimination. His parents contacted All For One and asked him to give their son a quirk. He did, but it came with a high cost. Not only did the family incur massive financial debt, Yuga had to act as a double agent. If he failed to comply, he and his entire family risked their lives.

    Yuga feels extraordinarily guilty about putting his friends in danger. Now that the secret is out, he's willing to face the consequences, but he also hopes that he can do something to help the heroes and to protect his family from All For One. 

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    Hawks' Backstory Is Wild

    The ED of the most recent season of My Hero Academia hints vaguely at Hawks' backstory with an image of him as a child, blindfolded and holding a gun. But the full story reveals some seriously freaky things about hero society. 

    Hawks was originally named Keigo Takami, but he was forced to abandon his real name by the hero commission. As a small child, he rescued a large number of people from an accident - perhaps wishing to emulate his hero Endeavor, who had previously saved him. The hero commission takes notice and takes him away from his childhood home. While that home is implied to be unstable by the fact that it's filthy and strewn with bottles of alcohol, what he steps into next isn't necessarily great, either.

    Hawks is forced to train constantly in order to become hero material, using him for infiltration and spying when he was still very young. Despite the harsh treatment, he accepted it because he wanted to be like Endeavor. By 18, he starts his own agency - but his attitude is about as jaded as one would expect from a childhood like that.