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15 Major Spoilers From The My Hero Academia Manga

July 13, 2020 22.8k views15 items
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My Hero Academia is an insanely popular series that is enjoyed by countless anime fans. But those who have read the manga are having a wildly different experience from those who are anime only. While the series isn't over yet, there are already plenty of shocking events that anime-only fans are going to have to wait for.

If you're an anime-only fan who can't resist spoiling themselves or a manga reader who needs a refresher, this list is for you. If you're trying to avoid My Hero Academia spoilers but found yourself clicking on this list by mistake, hit that back button and check out another list. 

  • 1. Hawks Is A Double Agent

    In order to gain more information about the League of Villains, Hawks pretends to be as thoroughly disgusted with Hero Society as they are, and asks to join their ranks. While they're suspicious at first, they do eventually accept him as a member. Meanwhile, he's secretly sending information to the Hero Commission.

    While Hawks (probably) remains on the side of the heroes, he also sympathizes with the villains, seeing them as a group of lost souls who have been rejected by mainstream society. 

  • 2. Something's Going On With Dabi

    Dabi is one of the more mysterious members of the League of Villains. Many have theorized that Dabi has a secret identity - Toya Todoroki. While this has yet to be confirmed or denied in the manga, Dabi definitely does have a secret identity.

    During a confrontation with Hawks, Dabi tells him his real name. However, readers don't get to find out what it is: depending on your translation, the speech bubble is blacked out or the word 'redacted' is present in place of the name. Hawks finds this revelation shocking, so it's pretty clear that the name is connected to someone Hawks knows. 

  • 3. Aizawa's Not Really Expelling Students

    At the beginning of My Hero Academia, much is made of Aizawa's tendency to expel students. Supposedly, he even expelled an entire class full of kids. While this definitely amps up the tension that the U.A. students are feeling during their initial exams, it turns out not to be entirely true. While Aizawa did expel a class full of students, they were re-admitted afterwards. He did this because he wanted them to experience hardship that they could learn from, to better prepare them for the tragedies they'd inevitably face as heroes. 

  • 4. Twice Dies

    Twice - also known as Jin Bubaigawara - is one of the more endearing members of the League Villains. That's because he isn't particularly invested in being evil - he's just loyal to the only group of people who ever gave him a place to belong. After Hawks reveals that he joined the League of Villains, he ends up literally stabbing him in the back. He uses his last moments to make a clone to protect Toga and Mr. Compress, showing his loyalty until the very end. Though he is a villain, it's hard not to get choked up about his demise, especially because of how sad he is about Hawks' betrayal.