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19 Fandom Easter Eggs Cleverly Hidden In 'My Hero Academia'

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Unless you happen to be a real pop culture guru, you might not notice that the creators of My Hero Academia littered the series with references to a plethora of Japanese and American franchises. If you're an MHA fan who also loves Star Wars, prepare to get a kick out of the series's locale names and the visage of the main baddie.

Marvel fans might take note of the plentiful Marvel references in My Hero Academia, including a scene from Iron Man 2. The series even nods to anime like Fullmetal AlchemistNaruto,  and Dragon Ball Z. Plenty of Western cartoons reference anime in clever ways, so it stands to reason many anime and manga series will return the favor.

These My Hero Academia Easter eggs feel all the more awesome when you learn Kohei Horikoshi, the manga creator behind the series, has a deep love for Western superheroes, anime, and other pop culture that influenced his work. He throws this stuff in for more than just the hell of it - he includes it because it's his passion. 

These cultural references in My Hero Academia only make the viewing and, in the manga's case, reading experience a lot more fun.

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    You'll Definitely Recognize A Few Of These Heroes

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    At the beginning of the My Hero Academia manga, one panel features the silhouettes of a ton of Japanese and American fictional superheroes. This collective includes Spider-Man, Superman, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Moonlight Mask, and more. This callback to the classics is a great way to get new readers pumped for what's to come.

    Plus, it implies to the reader that the heroes of My Hero Academia rank among these famous heroes in their own ways.

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    Present Mic's Challenge Explanation Features Mario Silhouettes

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    When Present Mic explains the UA High School entrance exam requirements, he does so with images from the popular Nintendo franchise, Mario. Mario represents the prospective students, while the villains appear as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and the Piranha Plant. How many points each enemy is worth is even based on how difficult they are to defeat in the Mario games. 

    Because of copyright issues, these images don't appear in the anime - this Easter egg is manga-only, but no less remarkable.

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    Mirio's Strongest Move Is A 'Star Wars' Reference

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    Using his technique Phantom Menace, Mirio propels his body in and out of surfaces at rapid speed, allowing him to quickly and accurately target his opponent. You may recognize the name as the title of a Star Wars film.

    This is just one of many Star Wars references in the My Hero Academia series.

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    Disney Exists In The 'My Hero Academia' Universe

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    When it comes to fictional universes, one must wonder how other fictional universes fit into the canon. Are the characters people who the cast could conceivably meet, or are they fictional in that world, too? Do they even exist at all? My Hero Academia makes it clear that in its world, Disney totally exists as a fictional construct.

    This is parallel to the real world, such as when Hagakure suggests that an event they're planning will be an all-out bash, kind of like a Disney parade.

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