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What 'My Hero Academia' Quirk Would You Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated December 14, 2018 56.4k views12 items

If you love My Hero Academia, you've probably thought about which quirk you'd most like to have. With so many awesome powers to choose from, nailing a favorite is easier said than done. One way to guide your decision is by consulting the stars. Knowing which quirk is best suited to your Zodiac sign is a great way to determine which quirk best suits your personality. 

Are you a Capricorn with the planning skills and intellectual capacity to remember and utilize hundreds of unique chemical makeups? Then Creation, a quirk that allows its user to create anything they understand the makeup of out of their own body fat, is a quirk you can put to its highest use. Are you a fiery Aries who isn't afraid to take risks? Then Bakugo's quirk, Explosion, might be right up your alley. Whatever your sign, there's a wonderful quirk that's perfect for you. 

  • Aries is bold sign known for decision, action, unstoppable energy, and a willingness to take risks. Explosion, Bakugo Katsuki's quirk, is a risky one - the user sweats nitroglycerin, which can be used to create explosions. The risk of getting hurt and destroying property is high, but most Ariens are willing to chance it for the sheer strength of the move. It doesn't hurt that Aries is a fire sign - it doesn't make them fireproof, but it does incline them toward the element. 

  • What does the second sign in the Zodiac cycle, Taurus, love more than almost anything else? Eating delicious food! The limits of human biology don't always allow Taureans to indulge to their hearts' content, but with a quirk like Sugar Rush, there's no real limit. Sugar Rush, a quirk belonging to Rikido Sataou, allows the user to rapidly and dramatically increase their physical strength after ingesting sugar. To manage his quirk, Rikido learned to bake a wide variety of delicious treats - something most Taureans already know how to do - or at least they know where to buy them. 

  • When most people think about Geminis, they think about versatility and duality. People who exude Gemini energy can't be satisfied with just one thing - which means that a quirk with no variability would get old, quick. That's why Shoto Todoroki's Half-Cold Half-Hot quirk is ideal for the sign. One side of the user's body creates and controls ice, while the other side does the same for fire. With training, the two can be combined to create steam and other elemental blends. It's a quirk that requires flexibility and quick thinking - something that Geminis excel at. 

  • Heal is an underappreciated quirk that's held by Chiyo Shuzenji, the school physician at U.A. High School. Using Heal, Chiyo harnesses her target's immune system to help them recover from injuries and illnesses at a faster rate. However, she has to be careful not to take things too far, or the immune system could overreact and cause a panoply of medical problems. This vibes nicely with the Cancer M.O. - Cancers are deeply empathic people who thrive on helping others through emotional turmoil, but if they aren't careful, they can overdo the kindness and become co-dependent. Cancers are already used to walking that line, so they can take the same lessons into using this deeply necessary quirk.