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Which 'My Hero Academia' Character Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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One of the things that makes My Hero Academia so charming is its vibrant and complex cast of characters. The protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, is a typical shonen hero in some ways, but his analytical, yet anxious, nature makes him unique. Tenya Iida, despite his powerfully held belief in following the rules and behaving logically, can still be overcome by rage, and it shows when his brother is attacked by a villain. Though people might not share the same experiences with these characters, it's generally easy to see personality traits they have in common.

Any person can match up their unique qualities using only their zodiac sign. A sign not only reveals important information about someone's personality, but it can be used to decide which character they most align with. Like Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist, My Hero Academia boasts an equally diverse and intriguing cast.

  • Eijiro Kirishima is a hot-blooded hero with a huge spray of bright red hair, so it's only natural he's a Leo. Leos are natural leaders who command the spotlight. They're generous, goodhearted, expansive people who will do anything to help their friends. Displaying typical Leo loyalty and bravery, Kirishima is the first person to suggest going after Bakugo when he gets kidnapped by the League of Villains. 

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    • If there's one thing a Virgo excels at, it's analyzing a situation logically. Shota Aizawa is a master tactician who can swiftly determine the best course of action, whether for a tight lesson plan or a well-organized hero mission. He's hardworking and resourceful enough to balance two full-time jobs, even if that sometimes means falling asleep in the middle of homeroom. Virgos prioritize physical well being, and that means squeezing in enough sleep to be well rested.

      As a teacher, Aizawa sometimes slips into "lecture mode" and can sometimes be a little too hard on his students for their failures – but like any Virgo, he's even harder on himself. When Aizawa fails to meet his own sky-high expectations, that's a problem he's going to fix.

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      • Those born under the Air sign Libra are represented by the Scales of Justice, which means they care deeply about preserving balance and making sure everything is fair and ethical. As class president of 1-A, Tenya Iida does his best to ensure that his classmates stay safe and follow the rules. He's charming and sincere, but he also exhibits some less than ideal Libra traits.

        When it comes to his own capabilities, Iida can be a little delusional. He thinks he's more capable of defeating villains than he actually is, and that failure to understand his own limits puts him in danger when he confronts Stain.

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        • Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Shoto Todoroki

          Scorpio is perhaps the most intense sign in the zodiac cycle. Passionate about their interests and loved ones, closely guarding their more vulnerable emotions, and surprisingly sensitive to the feelings of others, Scorpios are greatly impacted by their feelings.

          Shoto Todoroki appears standoffish and unemotional, but he's incisive when it comes to intuiting the feelings of others, and his feelings about a painful childhood with an abusive father go deeper than he's willing to admit. 


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