My Little Pony Cosplay That Doesn't Horse Around

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Friendship is magic, and so are these My Little Pony cosplays! Jump head-first into the enchanting Kingdom of Equestria with these incredible remakes, redesigns, and personifications of characters straight from My Little Pony! These people took cosplay of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to a whole new level, and the results are stunning. Whether you're a fan of the animated cartoon series, the toys, or just looking for striking, geek-themed outfits, these My Little Pony cosplayers and photographers bring you all three in their photos, each cosplay bursting with creativity and equestrian energy. 

All of your favorite My Little Pony characters are cosplayed here by truly dedicated fans. Some My Little Pony cosplays are a bit more obscure than others, but Equestria's vibrant landscape holds all sorts of characters and secrets you may not have appreciated before.