'My Parents Are Going To Kill Me!' 20 Moments People Knew They Really Messed Up

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We've all been in those situations as a kid that we just couldn't fix. Instead, we had to sit back and come to terms with the fact that we were in big trouble. These people can relate, sharing their biggest 'my parents are going to kill me' moments. Vote up the stories that are the most ground-worthy.

  • 1. A Make-Shift Construction Job

    Posted on Reddit by u/sorryladiesiamtaken:

    Ok I got this. My dad works construction and was able to have equipment delivered to his house from his account with the rental company, which he would then bring to sites. When him and my mom were in Hawaii for two weeks my brother and I had some equipment delivered and we built a moat around our house. It went well until we hit a gas line. Let’s end the story there


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  • 2. Making A Bad Situation Even Worse

    Posted on Reddit by u/pbd1996:

    Accidentally shot the tv with my brother’s airsoft gun. We were both so scared to tell my mom that we tried to make her cookies for her to eat while we told her. We ended up causing a small fire in the kitchen. Then we hid everything we used in the kitchen under the couch…. So essentially my mom came home from work to a mess of a kitchen, a broken tv, and burned cookies and sh*t under her couch lol.

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  • 3. The Wax-Fondue Station

    Posted on Reddit by u/bwyoungbo:

    OH MY GOSH. I lit my grandmas floor on fire.

    I have pretty bad attention behavior but im hyperactive alone. I never really needed friends to be a menace i just WAS one. So one day after elementary school i was chilling at my grandmas very small house. She always had these Wax holders that plug into the wall, emit fake light, and melt smelly wax at the same time. Like an artificial plug in candle or something. Long story short i dipped lego people in there, Food stamps in there, basically anything i could cover in wax i would. One day i got curious and for some dumb reason thought “Hey, I wonder what would happen if i dip Tissue in the wax holder”. It was all fun and games until seconds after the initial dip the entire tissue is aflame. Entirely on fire. I got panicked and dropped it in the middle of the carpet. Why? I have no f*cking idea. I could have put it in the sink, hell even on the HARD kitchen floor. But nope, i drop it on the carpet. And to make matters worse, I start waving the pillow feeding the flame oxygen thinking that airflow was going to put it out. So it just got larger and larger until i broke out crying “NONI NONI HELP!” I don’t think i’ve ever seen my grandma run that fast in my life. We were all safe and we put a bucket of water on it. The black spot in the middle of the carpet never left


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  • 4. A Firecracker Prank That Backfired

    Posted on Reddit by u/Kaiser93:

    I was about 10-11. We had an old lady as neighbour. She was terrible to children - always screaming at us when we were loud (we are kids, you old bat), always sliced our ball when it went to her yard etc. One day, my dumb *ss had this idea to open her window and to throw 3-4 firecrackers inside her house.

    So I went on with this "brilliant" idea of mine. And it was funny until her son, who was in his 40s, tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and I knew I was f*cked. He grabs my ear and we went home where he told my mom what I did. Needless to say, mom was not amused and I was grounded for 3 months.

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  • 5. Pyrotechnical Issues

    Posted on Reddit by u/Who_Gives_A_:

    I was a major pyro when I was 10-12 years old or so. Constantly lighting sh*t on fire, mostly would just light up matches and watch them burn.

    I was upstairs in my grandparents house in a little room they had for us. I was lighting my sister's Barbie doll hair on fire, not because I hated Barbie or I was sadistic but I simply like the way the hair caught fire and quickly went out. Well....the Barbie hair caught the curtains on fire and started to go up.

    Luckily one of the adults came up just in time and help me snuff out the flames. Thank Jesus nothing really bad happened and the house was fine.

    I was required to go visit the fire station twice a week and learn about fire safety for like a f*cking month. Met the captain, marshall all the guys, by the end it was actually pretty cool.

    I still love to just watch fire...I swear I could stare at a large bonfire for hours...

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  • 6. Skipping School To Go To Another School

    Posted on Reddit by u/tapasandswissmiss:

    Early in high school my friends and I got caught skipping school (my first time; not my last 😉). We had gone to another local highschool to visit friends and were immediately busted because, well we just strolled into the high school in the middle of classes like idiots. Immediately were recognized by school staff, we tried to run from them, busted through the gym cuz we had no idea where we were going and basically got cornered there. We got sent back to our school in the back of the school officers police car. I swear to god, I thought my mom was going to ship me to live with my grandparents, if she didnt kill me first.

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