Most Annoying My Personal Worst Hit Songs of 2015  

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Watch Me

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Where do I even begin with this one. Hello 2000's dance rap, I thought we killed out the last time but no here we are in 2015 hearing this. 1. its a mess switching between dances and repeating words enought that they loss all meaning (if they really had any to begin with). have the video the cammra is pointed at his crotch and the beat is just a dated at this sad try at a  real song out of what looks like a string of vine video. Yeah its no shock this is number one but it has to be here this year.

Artist: Silento


Worth It

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When i frist heard this song i was sure this was the bottom. Sadly Silento proofed me wrong but most year this would win. Lame rapper, stupid themed video, madding hook, this has all the calling for the type of hit that will make you wish it was never recored and from a group that won last year. yep fith harmony the crimson tide of bad music lists.

Artist: Fifth Harmony Ft. Kid Ink


Dear Future Husband

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I know that a lot of people have already talked about this one. sadly there all right and have little to nothing to go on. so here the highlights. 1. is there any man who wanting a women to talk like this or are they all like me and running for the hills? 2. am i the only one who is really tired of the 60ish beating in Meghan's songs? can we keep it in the past 3. your idea of rolls of men and women are so outdated that it offends me and many others. I would say do better but i douit Meghan can.

Artist: Meghan Trainor


Trap Queen

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I think this one is so high becase of how overplayed this song got. if you were ever near a trap music sets or clubs in the summer of 2015 this was on. you could bet on that. i remeber hearing it mulitble time on the same night at some venues. add to this that its meaning is murkey and the end with that random dude in the car is meaningless. I guess its for the lades but i do have to ask why women are so into the idea of helping there man deal drugs? i guess there a lot of female drug dealers that wanted a song. idk. 

Artist: Fetty Wap