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musicals My Ranking - OMWF Songs (Buffy Musical)  

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Walk Through The Fire

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"She came from the grave much graver-"
"First I'll kill her, than I'll save her!"
"Everything is turning out so dark..."
(Going through the motions...)
"No, I'll save her, than I'll kill her!"
"I think this line's mostly filler."
"What's it going to take to strike a spark?"
(...Walking through the part)

Something to Sing About

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There was no pain...
No fear, no doubt,
Till they pulled me out,
Of Heaven.
So that's my refrain...
I live in Hell,
Cause I've been expelled,
From Heaven.
I think I was in Heaven.

Under Your Spell / Standing (Reprise)

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I'm under your spell...
God, how can this be?
Playing with my memories?
You know I've been through hell!
Willow, don't you see?
There'll be nothing left of me...
You made me complete!

Under Your Spell

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I'm under your spell...
Surging like the seas, wanting you so helplessly.
I break with every swell...
Lost in ecstasy, spread beneath my Willow tree,
You make me complete.