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I made this list years ago, when I was about 13. Back then, my tastes in music had not fully developed to what they are now, and my list of 100 artists was inaccurate. This is the updated version. Note: based only on which artists have made MY favorite songs. Certain artists like Bob Marley would rank higher on a legitimate list, and some artists I picked would rank lower. Partially calculated by adding up rankings of songs on my top 500 song playlist.

The Beatles is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list My Top 100 Music Artists of All Time
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Easily my favorite artist ever. I was thinking Oasis would come out on top by sheer number of songs in my top 500. The Beatles ended up with 22 songs on the list, with the top 5 being A Day in the Life (#4), Eleanor Rigby (#27), Hey Jude (#30), Abbey Road Medley (#57), and In My Life (#73). see more on The Beatles


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They were once atop this list, and they are still one of my favorite bands. Sadly, I had to move them down as I discovered more and more great Beatles songs. Oasis, however, were the most prolific British band of the 1990s, and made some fantastic rock ballads. 21 Oasis songs ended up on my Top 500 playlist, with the top 5 being The Masterplan (my #1 song of all time), Wonderwall (#14), All Around the World (#39), Bonehead's Bank Holiday (#51), and The Importance of Being Idle (#92). see more on Oasis

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Keith Richards' "Life' was one of the best books I've read. The Stones are still the best rock band around, even in their 70s. They have worked wonders in every decade since they started in the 1960s. They have 13 songs in my top 500, with the top 5 being "Gimme Shelter" (#10), You Can't Always Get What You Want (#45), "Miss You" (#67), "Rough Justice" (#84) and "Sympathy for the Devil" (#99). see more on The Rolling Stones

Led Zeppelin is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list My Top 100 Music Artists of All Time
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Led Zeppelin defined hard rock. Almost every other hard rock band to follow them copied them. They have 5 songs in my top 500, "Stairway to Heaven" (#16), "Kashmir" (#96), "Whole Lotta Love" (#182), "Immigrant Song" (#220) and "The Wanton Song" (#256). see more on Led Zeppelin