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My Top 50 Albums Of The 80's (At The Time)

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List RulesAs usual, didn't count live albums or compilations

As-is, from late 1989. Original: ball point pen on graph paper.

Someday soon I will do a proper retrospective "Top 300-ish Albums of The 80s"-ish list, in the manner of my 90s and 00s lists. This list will then include artists like Tom Waits and Spacemen 3, who I had not been exposed to at the time I wrote this. Certainly the order will shake up a bit - 90125 and Kick, among others, will not stay in the Top 50, and Vivid and Talk Is Cheap will drop some, and I'll have to find room for records I didn't have at the time like You're Living All Over Me, and good Lord, I must have been in an anti-Sabbath mood at the time to have left off Mob Rules, Heaven and Hell, and Diary of a Madman (and frankly a lot more prime-era ('80-'85) metal), and I must have disqualified Surfer Rosa because I had it on a a combo-CD with Come On Pilgrim or something. But ANYWAY, looking at this 20+ years later I'm surprised at how accurate this still is to my tastes - the Top 10, for example, will turn out almost exactly the same.

Also, for some reason I had a record on the original list 2X (Accept's "Restless and Wild"), so this list is a lucky 49 instead of 50.
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