How You're Most Likely To Act At A Party, Based On Your Myers-Briggs

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is often used to determine team compatibility in business settings, but there are more important questions concerning the MBTI out there - like what different Myers-Briggs types are like at parties. The benefit of the MBTI is it's more specific than some other personality tests, with 16 different combinations of the eight prominent traits based on Carl Jung's theories: extraversion and introversion; thinking and feeling; sensing and intuition; and judging and perceiving. This eight traits, paired into four dichotomies, form "types" like INTJ, ENTP, and ENFJ, all of which have different traits and interests.

How different Myers-Briggs types behave at parties is dependent on the individual, but don't be surprised if there's an INFJ having an intense but insightful discussion of politics in the corner, or an ENFJ trying to diffuse tension by dancing around with a lampshade on their head. Myers-Briggs party behaviors are as unique and wonderful as the individuals that do them.

  • INTJ Wows The Crowd With Knowledge

    INTJ Wows The Crowd With Knowledge
    Photo: 350543 / Pixabay / CC0

    The confident, intelligent INTJ is far from a wallflower. Introversion doesn't always manifest as shyness, and a party-going INTJ is proof - their desire to share knowledge will most often win out over their preference for solitude. They'll most likely be found engaging in some kind of intellectual debate or sharing their seemingly endless knowledge of pretty much everything. While they might not make a ton of friends because their confidence can sometimes tip into arrogance, there's no denying that an INTJ will boast trivia knowledge to liven up any discussion at a party.

  • INTP Plans An Elaborate Social Experiment

    Remember the map depicting where each social clique sits in Mean Girls? That was probably an INTP project. INTPs excel at objective analysis and enjoy pursuing an intellectual pursuit to its ends. While they may not be a social butterfly, the INTP finds social gatherings fascinating and will likely be found turning the whole thing into some kind of study. How do people act when you swap the vodka for water and don't tell them? How do different types of music impact the mood in the room? Trust the INTP is going to find out.

  • ENTJ Hosts The Bash

    ENTJs are the leaders of the pack. They don't just take an active role in parties - they throw the damn thing. They know everyone, they're confident, and they're well-liked. They make sure that everybody is having a good time, though the drawback of their rationality-driven engagement with the world also means they might not be the most empathetic person to approach if someone's having a bad time. They're thinkers - not feelers - which can make them great leaders, but they're probably not the person to find if you are looking to drunk cry about your ex. 

  • ENTP Starts A Fight

    They may not mean to do it, but ENTPs can be real rabble-rousers. They love a good debate, and their cleverness and charisma means they can get pretty much anybody engaged. The problem is ENTPs don't always know when to quit, and their good-natured antagonism might not come off as playful to everyone. If there's a heated conversation about politics at a party, you can bet there's an ENTP somewhere nearby stoking the flames.