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The Biggest Mysteries Uncovered On Reddit

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Reddit is a world-wide message board where you can help someone find a lost dog and share GIFs of yourself getting smacked in the face with kimchi. If you can view it on a computer, you can post it on Reddit. This usability is what makes it a breeding ground for mysterious posts that can be anything from marketing schemes to super weird art projects, or even a discovery of a famous actor’s doppelgänger.

These mysteries constantly show up on Reddit, where millions of people see them and become embroiled in the same nagging mysteries as those of us who spend countless hours trolling the dark web for new secrets to uncover. Prepare to lose some sleep over this list of the biggest mysteries uncovered on Reddit.

Of the many things Reddit users have done, “uncover super weird mysteries” is definitely at the top of the list. Sometimes, the mysteries are just really strange websites that are unsettling because of their unorthodox structure. But in other cases, the mysteries can seep into the the wider public consciousness, before getting picked up by major news outlets, like the BBC and Forbes. There are always small mysteries unfolding on Reddit, but these are some of the biggest that have been uncovered by the site’s massive global community.

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    The Box Of Crazy

    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Status: Solved

    In 2013, a Redditor began to document his experience with digging through a box he found in the trash. Inside, he found beautifully hand-rendered posters, illustrations, maps, technical drawings, personal belongings, and a handwritten note about what was either an extraterrestrial invasion or some kind of government cover-up.

    Most Redditors came to the conclusion that the creator of the contents was obsessed with the Book of Ezekiel from the Bible, and that he was probably schizophrenic.

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    The 432 Mystery

    Photo: Ernest Rutherford / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Status: Unsolved... Deep Web Style

    The 432 mystery began on 4chan with an email that read, "You have been selected, where have you gone? We are watching." Then, there was a link to a website full of more gobbledygook like that. But things got really weird when whoever was behind the site started posting pictures and IRC names of people trying to solve the mystery.

    The original site seems to have stopped being updated, but that doesn't mean people have stopped looking for clues.

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    The Homeless Bifid Cipher

    Photo: Matt Crypto/Brandon T. Fields / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Status: Sort of solved

    In 2013, someone posted a story on Reddit about a homeless man handing them $50 and a note full of jumbled letters that the internet quickly realized was a Bifid Cipher. Redditors who went down the rabbit hole transcribed names into IP addresses, figured out UNIX codes, and tracked down retired professors, while other users, possibly with less time on their hands, called BS on the whole thread.

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    Photo: geralt / Pixabay

    Status: Unsolved

    F04cb41f154db2f05a4a is seemingly a random dump of code, except the strange numbers tend to correspond to odd Imgur photos and they're somewhat easy to decode. Oh, and whoever is dumping all of this data keeps posting creepy comments like this: 

    Wait, hold on. I think I may have found out how to decipher this. What you guys are failing to realize is that all of thinks links are individual instances of lost ones those who are comming [sic]. There is no light here. The third gate is open. Mark of the flame. Silent mouths agape. Blood on the stones. Run.

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