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15 Fan Theories About Mysterio That We Really Want To Believe

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The MCU has become the largest superhero franchise in history, and there's really no question as to why. With an incredible amount of source material to pull from and so many interesting characters and storylines, it's the saga that keeps on giving. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is come up with fan theories, and when it comes to the MCU, there are certainly a lot of them. From unanswered questions to character quirks, we managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories surrounding Spider-Man's newest foe - Mysterio. Which fan theory do you think is most believable? Vote up your favorites.

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    Mysterio's Final Death Is Also An Illusion

    Photo: Spider-Man: Far From Home / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/Octavep*ss:

    TLDR: Mysterio's "Final" Death is Also an Illusion Because Peter Didn't Say "Edith" When Asking A New Question of Tony's Glasses.

    I know I'm late to the party, but I just got around to watching Spider-Man: Far From Home and I noticed a small detail that--I assumed--had already been hashed-out online. However, after running a quick Google search, I couldn't find anything, so, I decided to start the discussion myself. If this is old news, I apologize in advance. Anyways, the theory is in the post's title, but I'll flesh it out for the sake of completeness.

    Consistency in Glasses Behavior: Throughout the movie, Tony's glasses consistently follow the same 3 basic rules that Google Home, Siri, or Alexa follow when interacting with a user by voice.

    1. User Initiated: A special word needs to be said--"Edith" in the case of the glasses--for the device to register a new command or new question is being asked.
    2. Context Dependent: Some devices--Google Home for example--will listen for several seconds after a response for a followup command or question. "Google, where's the nearest hardware store?" "Lowe's Home Improvement is, 3.7 miles away." "How late are they open?" "Lowes Home Improvement is open 'till 11:30 pm."
    3. Device Initiated: The device may ask a question of the user and wait several seconds for a response. "Welcome home. Should I turn off the alarm?"

    To drill home the point that Edith is more like a "dumb" iPhone than a Jarvis-level self-aware AI, the audience is shown the bus scene, where Edith attempts to kill Brad with a drone strike after misunderstanding Peter's intentions. A human-level intelligence would have grasped the broader context of the situation and realized that Peter was obviously unfamiliar with what the system would do (commit murder) once Brad was designated as a "target."

    [Read the full theory here]

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    Mysterio Intentionally Let Peter Survive

    Photo: Spider-Man: Far From Home / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/Just_Another_Koala:

    Walking out of the theater after FFH, one of the only issues about the movie was in the third act with the drones. We see in the projector scene with Mysterio and all of his cohorts, as well as the final battle, that the drones have some very heavy firepower, from a machine gun to a laser to the sound attack thing. My issue was that with all that weaponry, one would think that it would be as easy as commanding Edith to target Peter Parker and all the hundreds of drones would turn and blow him out of the sky as easy as shooting a pigeon.

    Here’s where my theory comes into play, and it actually makes sense. Mysterio first notices Peter when the drones begin getting destroyed. He immediately sets in motion his plan to expose Peter Parker as Spider-Man when he tells the projector guy to stop the simulation and when he eventually downloads and sends the recordings to the Daily Bugle. I assume that when Mysterio saw Spider-Man, he knew his plan was over and that he would be caught and killed one way or another, so he intentionally has Edith make the drones not kill Peter so that Peter will survive, even and especially in the moment where Peter is on top of the bridge and having to fight drones blind with his Peter Tingle. Mysterio knows his plan will fail, so intentionally lets Peter survive and think he fought the drones and Mysterio to the toughest of their abilities so the rest of his plan will work.

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    Mysterio Has Been Keeping Tabs on Spider-Man Through The Entire Series

    From Redditor u/EdwardPastaHands:

    So I was watching this video when I noticed that both of Campbell's characters in Spider-Man 1 and 2 have theatre, or show-biz related jobs. My theory is that Bruce Campbell's character in all three films is in fact Quentin Beck Otherwise known as Spider-Man villain Mysterio. It seems like a far stretch, but I believe there is some evidence that points towards this.

    In the comics Quentin Beck is a special effects guy who loses his job because of Spider-Man and takes on the persona of Mysterio, a fish-bowl headed super villain, who uses illusions and props/special effects to trick Spider-Man and confuse him. We meet Quentin Beck in the first film as the wrestling presenter, who wears a jacket that is similarly flamboyant as the costume Mysterio wears in the comics. Though there is no evidence of the wrestling presenter also being in charge of any special effects, it is not unfeasible to suggest that he may have had a say in the lighting and pyrotechnics as well as just presenting, but of course that is all speculation. What ISN'T speculation is that there was most likely some fallout after the wrestling place was robbed, although of course we don't know exactly how much money was taken, but there would have been consequences. Perhaps the place was only just breaking even, or really needed that money? Perhaps it closed down shortly after.

    So Quentin Beck, now blaming Spider-Man's inaction for his unemployment, begins stalking him. He ditches the wrestling presenters jacket and shades, and gets himself a job at a local theatre, one that is soon to be showing a play starring one Mary Jane Watson, where he tells Peter that they keep the doors closed because it helps "maintain the illusion," which is a very Mysterio thing to say, especially when Campbell puts emphasis on the word "illusion."

    Then comes Spider-Man 3, now here comes the stretch... How exactly Quentin Beck manages to get a job at a relatively up market restaurant knowing that Peter would be coming, I really don't know. I think its plausible that if Peter had had to book the reservation months in advance, Beck could have maybe gotten a job there in that time? Who knows. Though being one for guises and personas the hammy french accent and moustache would be right up his street.

    I think that the purpose of all this stalking wasn't just to cause lots of minor inconveniences, but to get intel, to find his weaknesses and his values, before launching an attack on Peter Parker, Spider-Man, and everything he stands for. It's not a particularly hole-proof theory, and there is a chance that someone has probably said the same things as me before, but I think its pretty cool to imagine Bruce Campbell with a fishbowl on his head, tricking Tobey Maguire into believing that Uncle Ben is still alive or something like that.

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    The E.D.I.T.H. Acronym Reveals Mysterio's Ultimate Goal

    Photo: Spider-Man Far From Home / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/Joshieboy_Clark:

    A throwaway line reveals the end of the film and sets up future Spider-Man conflict. In Spider-Man: FFH, Peter is given a pair of AI glasses from Tony Stark. These AI glasses are a huge part of the plot, since it has billions of dollars worth of security protocols loaded into it. They were originally meant for Peter to use to keep Earth safe from any potential threat, since Iron Man is no more.

    When Peter first uses these AI glasses we learn the AI's name is E.D.I.T.H., which is an acronym for "Even Dead, I'm The Hero." A very bitter-sweet, Tony Stark-ish joke that encapsulates Tony's personality very well.

    In the end of the film, Mysterio uses E.D.I.T.H. for his great illusion to look like a hero in front of the world. After Spider-Man stops him and Mysterio dies by his own hand, the glasses are returned to Peter and the end of the movie is carried out. Peter gets the girl and they swing off into the sunset. Happy ending, right?

    That is, until the Mid-Credit's scene.You all know what happened. Mysterio's team sent out footage to the Daily Bugle revealing Spider-Man's identity. Not only this, but Mysterio's team doctored the footage to make it appear as though Spider-Man is evil, ordering drone strikes and murdering Mysterio.

    Though it didn't go down how he originally intended it to, Mysterio still achieved his ultimate goal: Even Dead, I'm The Hero.

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