28 Mysterious Political Deaths and Unsolved Murders

When a political or religious figure suddenly passes, conspiracy theories seem to fall from the trees. We know that not every demise of a person with ties to politics has to do with shadowy government figures and encoded messages. Yet, the unsolved offenses on this list are sketchy enough to make us doubt even the most open and shut case. It's entirely plausible that cases on this list have a simple explanation, but after reading up on each of them, we're not so sure. The only thing that we are sure about is that you'll be as intrigued as we are after you read this list of mysterious political demises.

Some of these unsolved mysteries are cases that have long gone cold, the perps either deceased or so well connected that they can't be touched. Some of the other cases are still open, but little hope is held for resolution. And the biggest mysteries that we've collected were, in some cases, possibly committed by the US government. We tried to shy away from the circumstances surrounding JFK's passing (don't worry, he's on here), but there were a lot of deceased people involved in that case. These conspiracies tend to go deep, so get ready to put your detective hat on and spend a lot of sleepless nights cutting out newspaper articles.