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These Cryptic Messages On Tombstones Only Hint At Their Terrifying Backstories

Updated 22 Jun 2020 1.6m views19 items

To really leave your mark upon this world when you depart, consider the different scary tombstone epitaphs available for your final resting place. While custom usually dictates the dead "rest in peace," you might see yourself more inclined to view your dirt nap as a chance to rile the place up even after you've gone. All manner of creepy mysterious tombstones exist out there for you to choose from if you feel more macabre as you decompose. Or perhaps you enjoy tormenting the living, in which case confusing epitaphs of strange elements of your life or philosophy will unnerve anyone foolish enough to go into a cemetery with a positive mindset.  

Looking at these unexplained epitaphs on tombstones, you can theorize various different fates that happened to those who dictated them. Many of people received their confusing tombstones years after their demise, so they don't even get a say in the eternal riddle which has become their memory. But the ones who laid down some fine lines before they croaked definitely roll around in their graves today, no doubt still amused by their final quips.

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