Graveyard Shift What Happened To The Lost Cosmonauts, The Alleged First Humans In Space?  

Rebecca High

During the Cold War-era space race, the Soviet Union conducted most of its rocket tests in secrecy so as to throw off US intelligence. Unlike NASA, which was very public about its proceedings, the Soviet Union wasn't even open within its own country about its research and rocket tests. This video uncovers some of the unsavory secrets that accompanied the shady research that the Soviet Union was hiding. Warning: there's some disturbing audio contained within. 

At the same time, in the 1950s-60s, two Italian brothers who grew up playing with ham radio transistors eventually turned their love for radio into creating a whole system for tapping into and listening to Soviet space flights.

From their home in northern Italy, they developed an entire Soviet space tracking system and, with the help of their Russian-speaking sister, were able to listen into some of the radio communications from ground to space. They claim that one day they tapped into and recorded what appears to be a female Soviet astronaut burning up on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. The recording pre-dates the official Soviet record of when the first woman went to space, which means the government covered it up. But why?

The brothers' claim has fueled conspiracy theories for decades. Is it true, though? Watch this video and decide for yourself whether the Soviet space program covered up a tragic accident in the early days of space exploration.