The 160 Best Mystery TV Shows Of All Time

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The best mystery shows on TV make trying to solve a great mystery exciting for both the fans and characters. Nothing beats the feeling of a great reveal after experiencing several plot twists and forks in the road. Popular mystery TV shows and movies have been a staple of entertainment for years. This list ranks very best mystery series of all time.

What constitutes a mystery TV show? Well, it could mean shows with new mysteries to solve each episode or series with longer story arcs centered around a mystery. There could be a detective (or two), like Sherlock or Monk, doing the mystery-solving, or things could be more mysterious than a simple crime. This list also includes classic, old murder mystery shows, mystery dramas, crime TV shows, and even funny who done it shows. Don't let your favorite mystery television programs in history get to the bottom of the list - be sure to vote them up so they have the chance to reach the top!

Want to know more about the top mystery shows on the list below? You can click on the show names for details such as top billed actors and a quick overview of the show. So if you've never heard of the shows Longmire or Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, then you can read up on them before diving into a week-long marathon session. Wonder no more about what are the best mystery shows of all time, as fans definitively answer that question below, thanks to their votes.

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