Weird History A German Explorer Encountered Madagascar's Legendary Man-Eating Tree And Lived To Tell The Tale  

Mick Jacobs

Even explorers long before the Internet weren't expected plants to lash out like carnivorous tentacled nightmare creatures, but as the video below suggests, you can't take your safety for granted. At worst, you presume a plant might give you a bad rash. Certain plants may poison you, but only if you become stupid or desperate enough to eat them. 

But a jungle plant eating you? Sounds like something out of a science fiction novel.

Yet reports of a man-eating plant in Madagascar came from a German explorer back in the 1870s. The explorer wrote to a biologist stating the tribe he encountered seemed to be living alongside foliage that greedily consumed humans.

While it may appear far-fetched, remember that much of the jungle even today remains unexplored by humans. With that in mind, who knows exactly what lies within the depths of unexplored territory. Feed your imagination and maybe cancel your tropical vacation plans after watching the harrowing clip below.