Weirdly Interesting 25 Mythbusters Myths You Were Saddest to See Busted  

Jacob Shelton
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After 14 seasons of scientific mayhem, Mythbusters is coming to a glorious end in 2016. Since 2003, Adam, Jamie, and the rest of the crew have been dispelling scientific rumors and making things blow up, while inspiring generations of kids to nurture their love for STEM. Despite all the good that the guys put out into the world, some of the Mythbusters' biggest busts were also the experiments that made us the saddest. After all, what kid doesn’t grow up dreaming of shooting a cowboy’s hat off or building a death ray out of mirrors? If you followed Mythbusters on their 14 season run, you were bound to see a few busted myths that totally bummed you out, and this list puts all of the myths that made us the saddest to see debunked together so fans of the show can mourn in one place.

The myths busted on Mythbusters were usually things along the lines of Hollywood myths that had been perpetuated thanks to years of acceptance by viewers who believed whatever they saw on screen. Mythbusters debunked myths of that stature because it was important to the team to show an accurate depiction of the way science works. By doing so, they were able to engender a love of science among viewers that resonates so soundly because no program had ever connected with fans in such a way before - science lovers and casual viewers alike. Still, it’s a huge bummer that some of the myths that were busted were so cool.

Take a look at all the myths that people were saddest to see busted, and vote up those that you still believe in your heart might work, no matter what science has to say.
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A Person Can Sink in Quicksand

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Totally destroying the super awesome myth that classic films and cartoons stuck in our minds, Adam and Jamie did a test to see if someone could actually drown in quicksand. They discovered that quicksand is actually denser than water, and that anyone who died in quicksand probably died from exposure or dehydration.
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You Can Drop a Penny Off the Empire State Building & Kill Someone

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In the fourth ever episode, the guys debunked the myth that someone can drop a penny off the top of the Empire State Building and kill someone, as the penny would be traveling at terminal velocity (65 mph) as if fired from a rifle. There goes your big New York penny drop idea.
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The Five Second Rule

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The debunking of this myth truly broke the hearts of clumsy humans everywhere. As firm believers of the five second rule, it's truly horrific that the amount of time that a piece of food spends on the ground has no basis on the amount of germs it picks up.
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Pirates Can Safely Slow a Fall by Using a Knife to Cut a Sail

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This busted myth might be the saddest one of all. After all, who hasn't dreamed of cruising down a sail with a cool sword shoved through the fabric? When they attempted a full scale version of the myth, the guys decided it would be impossible for a pirate's knife to be at the perfect balance between dullness and sharpness to safely cut through a sail.