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What Mythical Creature Would You Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated 22 Jul 2019 554.1k views12 items

Astrology is a wild art that lets people interpret and dissect every part of their personalities. The stars are here to tell us a little more about ourselves, from what Avenger your sign shares the most traits with to what historical figure we are most like. If you consider yourself more of a fantastical stargazer, you may be wondering which mythical creature you would be based on your sign.

The ideal mythical creature for each zodiac sign is based on the personality traits attributed to each constellation, including the darker aspects of each sign. Things were brutal in ancient times, and these mythical creatures by zodiac sign are reflective of that. Here are the zodiac signs with matching mythical zodiac creatures for those who have always wondered if they're a siren or a Valkyrie.

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