Nail Salon Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

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If you’re a regular nail salon patron, you might want to stop reading now. The following nail salon horror stories are enough to break anyone’s weekly mani-pedi habit even if you love cool nail art. The stories are, in part, so horrible because they could happen anywhere. An expensive salon could be just as guilty of recycling dirty tools as a more budget-friendly one. No matter where you go for your habitual pampering sessions, you have to be on the look out.

Women and men have revealed their worst nail salon experiences on Reddit and they didn't spare any disturbing details. Their excerpts are more than just cringe-worthy entertainment, though. They are cautionary tales that need to be told. Sometimes the patrons didn't pay attention or sometimes they just got saddled with a bad tech but the results are all the same - bad. 

Read on to learn from others' terrible experiences and do try to stay safe out there, spa-goers.

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    Try Not To Gag Getting Through This One

    From GunnieGraves:

    "This happened to my mother. Staph infection from dirty tool. The woman poked her skin on her thumb and a few days later it was the size of a kielbasa.

    "They my ended up cutting it down the middle like a potato and putting in a drain. Week in the hospital plus PT afterwards and lots of meds. Don't f*ck with staphylococcus."

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    This Just Sounds Painful

    From norcalcooter:

    "Once a manicurist shaved off part of my nail. Like a giant hole in the middle of my index finger that was just exposed flesh. Then she soaked it in acetone..."

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    You Could Lose A Foot From A Nasty Pedicure

    From amberbramber: 

    "Not me, a girl I know. She got MRSA when she went in for a pedi and they cut her foot. She almost died."

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    A Pedicure May Not Always Be The Best Gift

    From plasticcastle:

    "My husband bought me a mani/pedi voucher when I was eight months pregnant.

    "They cut my cuticles and left four fingers bleeding. They filed my nails down below the tips of my fingers and painted the fingertips red on the off chance I wouldn't notice. They pumiced the tops of my feet till they bled but left the callouses on the soles alone.

    "They took my gift voucher and then tried to charge me an extra €40.

    "Leaving the salon, I went to grab my phone. It wasn't in my bag. I went back to get it, they said it wasn't there. I insisted on calling it from their desk phone and we followed the ringing... to my pedi lady's handbag. Not even an apology."

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    This Is Actually Really Serious

    From pics-or-didnt-happen:

    "My sister's girlfriend got hepatitis from dirty tools at a nail salon."

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    Mani-Lovers, Beware

    From Familiarhunter:

    "As someone who basically had an infection traveling up my arm from fake nails... once I went in to a doctor, they told me that if I hadn't gone to them that day, I could've been in the hospital the very next day from it, and could die from it. They gave me very strong antibiotics and it went away pretty quickly. Its no joke and very serious. My doctor told me that I needed it fixed that day, and that I couldn't work until it was gone because it was that serious."

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