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List of all Nakajima Aircraft Company airplanes and aircraft types, with images, specs, and other information. These active and retired Nakajima Aircraft Company planes are listed in alphabetical order, but if you're looking for a particular aircraft you can look for it using the "search" bar. The Nakajima Aircraft Company aircrafts on this list include all planes, jets, helicopters, and other flying vehicles ever made by Nakajima Aircraft Company. Unless you're an aviation expert you probably can't think of every aircraft made by Nakajima Aircraft Company, so use this list to find a few popular Nakajima Aircraft Company planes and helicopters that have been used a lot in the course of history.

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The Nakajima A1N, or Navy Type 3 Carrier Fighter was a Japanese carrier-based fighter of the late-1920s and early-'30s. It was a licenced copy of the British Gloster Gambet fighter, built by the Nakajima Aircraft Company for the Imperial Japanese Navy. Approximately 150 were built in total. There were two versions, A1N1 and A1N2. ...more on Wikipedia

Type: Fighter aircraft

Manufacturer: Nakajima Aircraft Company

Length (m): 6.5

Wingspan (m): 9.7

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Nakajima A2N

The Nakajima A2N or Navy Type 90 Carrier-based fighter was a Japanese carrier-borne fighter of the 1930s. It was single-engine, biplane of mixed construction, with a fixed, tailwheel undercarriage. ...more on Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Nakajima Aircraft Company

Length (m): 6.18

Wingspan (m): 9.37

Maiden Flight: Jan 01 1929


Nakajima A4N

The Nakajima A4N was a carrier-based fighter used by the Imperial Japanese Navy, and the last biplane designed by Nakajima. The first prototype was completed in 1934, but due to engine trouble the aircraft did not see service until 1936. Given the Nakajima internal designation Nakajima YM, the Japanese Navy designation was Type 95 Carrier-based Fighter. A total of 221 were built. ...more on Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Nakajima Aircraft Company

Length (m): 6.64

Wingspan (m): 9.99

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Nakajima A6M2-N

The Nakajima A6M2-N was a single-crew float seaplane based on the Mitsubishi A6M Zero Model 11. The Allied reporting name for the aircraft was Rufe. ...more on Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Nakajima Aircraft Company

Length (m): 10.1

Wingspan (m): 12.0