Unspeakable Times

The Tale Of The Unsolved Bochicchio Murders

There's nothing quite like the stress of Christmas shopping. Impatient shoppers, tired retail workers, long lines, and crowded parking lots are just a few of the aggravating perks you've probably encountered. Annoying? Yes. Deadly? No. Unfortunately for a mother and daughter, their innocent trip to the mall for Christmas shopping ended in their deaths.

Nancy Bochicchio and her seven-year-old daughter Joey, were out Christmas shopping at their local mall in Boca Raton, Florida, in December 2007. The pair exited the mall, entered the parking lot, and were never seen alive again. Both bodies were later located by the mall security guard, in their vehicle, after they had been abducted, forced to take money from an ATM, tied up with zip ties, and ultimately shot in the head. The horrifying crime resembled an abduction from the same mall several months prior, but those victims had been allowed to go free. Unfortunately, Nancy and Joey Bochicchio were not that lucky. This incredibly heinous murder remains one of Florida’s most horrible unsolved crimes.

  • The Mother And Daughter Were Abducted, Robbed, And Shot In Broad Daylight At A Busy Mall

    On the afternoon of December 12, 2007, Nancy Bochicchio and her seven-year-old daughter Joey took a trip to the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida, entering through the door between Sears and Neiman Marcus. After spending about an hour at the mall, the two exited through the same door, towards the parking lot. That is the last time that either of them were seen alive. Later, the only indication of anything wrong was a failed 911 call from Bochicchio’s phone.

  • The Killer Had Left His Victims In Their Own Vehicle, Tied Up, After Robbing And Shooting Them

    The Killer Had Left His Victims In Their Own Vehicle, Tied Up, After Robbing And Shooting Them
    Photo: Boca Raton Police Services Department / YouTube

    The mother and daughter were found in their idling vehicle in the middle of the mall parking around midnight that same night. They'd both been shot. Both had been tied up with plastic zip ties and one of them was wearing blacked-out goggles. Investigators found evidence that Nancy had been forced to take $500 out of the mall's ATM machine, and it was time stamped earlier that afternoon. 

  • A Mall Security Guard Found The Bodies Around Midnight

    Late on the evening of December 12, 2007, Bochicchio’s vehicle, a Chrysler Aspen SUV was found running in the empty parking lot at the mall. A gruesome discovery awaited the mall security guard, as inside the car the bodies of Nancy and Joey were sitting in the car seats, with gunshot wounds to their heads. A zip tie had been placed around Nancy's neck. They were also wearing goggles covered in black cloth that would prevent them from seeing their location, just as the previously abducted woman and her child had been forced to wear four months earlier.

  • Bochicchio's Wrists Were Broken

    Bochicchio’s personal effects, including her cell phone and credit cards, were located in Miami mere hours after the crime. Her bank records also indicated that she had withdrawn money from her account during the time she and her daughter were abducted. Both of Bochicchio’s wrists were broken and both mother and daughter were shot point-blank in their vehicle.