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READ Nancy Cartwright's Most Underrated Roles  

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Believe it or not, Nancy Cartwright has performed in other roles outside of The Simpsons. Her impressive list of credits includes Rugrats, Richie Rich, Pinky and the Brain and The Critic! However, Cartwright has had roles in a number of shows and movies that weren't as celebrated as her more famous ones. This list she made on the Ranker Podcast will finally give those lesser-known roles the light of day. Check out, in her own words, what Nancy Cartwright thinks are her most underrated roles!


The Shoe from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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"This is definitely number one. This was part of my early training. I was actually lucky to work in the industry doing ADR, post-production work. When you see an animated character in the background in a movie, those voices need to be recorded, but they're not recorded at the time that scene is shot. I was fortunate enough to hook up with Barbara Harris and that was one of the movies I was hired on, and I got to scream for the shoe."

Chubby Bad Tap Dancing Girl in a Molson Golden Commercial

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"How I got it was that I was auditioning for something else and there were two auditions going on. All of these beautiful women were coming out and had legs up to their necks. I was the last one to go into this other thing and this guy looked at me and asked me if I tap danced, and that's how I got it! It was so ridiculously anti-casting."

Payless Shoes Commercial

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"I was supposed to be a woman that was going to a job interview and she holds up a shoe. It was really goofy."