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Every Celebrity Naomi Scott Has Dated

Updated 22 Oct 2019 1.2k views3 items

As a talented actress, one may think there would be many Naomi Scott boyfriends. However, the Aladdin star has reportedly only had a few serious relationships. There is not much known about Naomi Scott relationships, as the actress mostly keeps her private life private.

So, is Naomi Scott single? No. Naomi Scott married soccer player Jordan Spence in 2014. Spence has played for West Ham and Ipswich Town. Who has Naomi Scott dated, other than Spence? Well, Nick Roux is said to have been one of the men Naomi Scott dated in 2011. The pair starred in Disney Channel's Lemonade Mouth together.

Are you surprised to learn the Naomi Scott dating history is so short? Read below to find out more about the Naomi Scott exes.

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