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16 'Naruto' Fights We Can't Wait To Recreate (Or Create For The First Time) In 'Shinobi Striker'

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There are plenty of reasons to be excited for the new Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker game. Players will finally be able to create their own ninja to interact with their favorite mainstay characters, and there's sure to be a lot of content players have been longing to see in the series. As the title would suggest, we’ll finally be seeing some of the characters from Boruto in the game.

The Naruto games have been praised for some of the most legendary fights in anime; which makes sense considering battles and war play a big part in the storyline. However, not all these confrontations concluded with a clear winner, and there were plenty of fights fans never even got to see. With this new game, they'll finally be able to recreate some of the legendary fights from the series, and will be able to orchestrate completely new battle scenarios.

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    Naruto Vs. Sasuke

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    Naruto and Sasuke have exchanged blows twice in the main series; first as children, and later as adults. These were the fights people were yearning to see translated into animation. Their first fight is spurred when Sasuke decides to leave the village, while the second fight is for the fate of the village and the greater shinobi world. However, audiences are never really shown a definitive winner, seeing as Kakashi retrieves Naruto following the first fight, and the second one ends in a draw. 

    In Shinobi Striker, gamers will be able to decide the victor for themselves. 

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    Itachi Vs. Sasuke

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    Watching these two brothers fight was certainly a little disturbing, but it was equal parts epic. The brothers fought multiple times throughout the series, showcasing their popular (and insanely powerful) jutsu. These sequences featured some truly disturbing moments, namely when Sasuke stabbed his brother or Itachi took out his eye.

    However, seeing Sasuke utilize his lightning release by shooting fire into the sky, or witnessing Itachi absorb the Totsuka Blade, was incredibly satisfying. The game may not be able to perfectly mirror these incredible scenes, but seeing a rematch between these two titans would be captivating. 

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    Rock Lee Vs. Gaara

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    This is one of the greatest fights in all of Naruto. Rock Lee, a ninja that can only utilize Taijutsu, was able to hold his own against Gaara (a fact that surprised everyone except Lee's sensei, Guy). Lee throwing down his weights was a real turning point for the show, and his unbelievable speed helped to even the odds and provided a visually dynamic battle.

    While Lee did lose at the end, this fight was definitely one of the best of the preliminary match-ups. If fans want to give Lee a second chance, they should recreate this battle in Shinobi Striker.

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    Naruto Vs. Pain

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    The Pain Invasion Arc is monumental in the series; the Leaf Village is destroyed, some of our favorite characters are killed, and Naruto almost loses control. This was one of the most emotionally devastating arcs, as audiences discover more about the Leaf Village and its history with Pain.

    Hinata finally reveals her true feelings for Naruto as she defends him from Pain's onslaught, and viewers even get to see Minato working together with his child to remove the Nine-Tails seal. It's not clear how much of the arc will be translated to Shinobi Striker, but fans will have a first-hand opportunity to protect the Hidden Leaf village and interrupt Pain's plan.

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