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10 Reasons Why Naruto Is Actually the Worst Character on Naruto

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Many anime and manga fans agree that Naruto is one of the best series to come out of Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump - the long-running manga is after all one of the best-selling manga series to date. The show and its manga please fans to no end. But is that because of Naruto? He may occupy the spot as the show's title character, but Naruto actually kind of sucks.

Throughout the series, he exposes character flaws and obnoxious traits, including some that stick with him for way too long into adulthood. This list brings up the worst characteristics in Naruto, and the many reasons why he's quite possibly the worst character on his own show. 

Naruto shows a lot of personal growth while climbing himself up the shinobi ladder in his mission to become Hokage of the Leaf Village. A lot changes from the time he's a school kid to when he's married and has children of his own, but simply growing up doesn't make someone a good person. Keep reading to see why Naruto is the worst character on Naruto.

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    He's Obsessed with Sasuke

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    Naruto: Shippuden might as well be titled Sasuke Stalker Shippuden. Naruto and Sasuke were best friends until Sasuke left the Leaf Village to become an evil shinobi... but Naruto never gave up on him. Ever. Even when Sasuke threatens to kill Naruto every time they meet. Take the hint, bro. You're not friends.

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    His Overconfidence Puts People in Danger

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    Naruto's overconfidence gives him too much faith in himself, getting other people in trouble in the process. His headstrong decisions can cause fights to become more difficult than they need to be. On top of that he often exerts a lot more energy than necessary. He also gets his butt kicked plenty of times as a result of this overconfidence. When he puts himself and others in bad situations, people worry over him, which may lead them into a dangerous situation they never would have been in otherwise.

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    It Takes Him a Really Long Time to Mature

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    Naruto's immaturity seems to drag on, even in his adult life. When you see his behavior compared to the discipline his other classmates show, you think he'd take the hint and pull himself together. He's had a rough life while growing up, but even though he does go through a lot of emotional growth as he gets older, there are plenty of times when viewers may find themselves screaming "AGH NARUTO, GROW UP!"

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    He Is a Neglectful Parent

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    In Boruto: Naruto the Movie, we get to see Naruto basically ignore his kids. Because he's still striving to obtain his goal of becoming Hokage, he just totally neglects his kids and Hinata. He's distant from them, and sends clones and half-hearted emails to them in his place, which is pretty soulless. This causes all sorts of emotional issues for his son, who then strives to surpass him for his attention and acceptance.

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